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Please add the logos you would like to show in your listing, as tags, exactly as the code below separated by a comma:

AEO (AEO accredited)
AWS (All World Shipping)
BIFA (BIFA member)
C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)
CBFCA (Customs Brokers & Forwarders Australia)
EGLN (ELITE Global Logistics Network)
FIATA (FIATA member)
GAA (Global Affinity Alliance member)
IATA (IATA member)
Lognet (Lognet member)
TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Assocation)
WCA-AP (WCA Advanced Professionals member)
WCA-CG (WCA China Global member)
WCA-DG (WCA Dangerous Goods member)
WCA-First (WCA First member)
WCA-IG (WCA Inter Global member)
WCA-Perish (WCA Perishables member)
WCA-Pharma (WCA Pharma member)
WCA-Relo (WCA Relocations member)
WCA-TC (WCA Time Critical member)
WCA-Vendors (WCA Vendor member)
WCAPN (WCA Projects member)