How to claim or add a listing

Claim a Listing:
If you’re a WCA, GAA, Lognet or EGLN member, you already have a listing! Here’s how to find and claim it…

Search for your company using the search box above. Once you’ve located your listing, click on ‘Claim your listing to be able to make changes and amendments’ on the right hand side.

From there you’ll be prompted to register and create a username and password. Once approved, you can use your login credentials to manage your listing!

Add a Listing:
If you are not yet listed on FreightFolio, click on the ‘Get Listed’ button in the top menu. From there you can register as a new user by filling out the ‘Sign Up Now’ section.

Once registered you’ll be able to add a listing. Please ensure that all company information, website, email address and location are correct as they will be used by the system for any incoming enquiries.

Listing prices are per year:
US$60 per year: one office/head office
US$30 per year: additional office listings
Free for WCA/Lognet/GAA members

If you are a member of WCA, Lognet, GAA or have any of the following accreditations, please add them to your listing by using the appropriate tag(s). Separate multiple tags by a comma and these tags will be shown on your listing.

Available tags are:
(AEO accredited)
BIFA (BIFA member)
C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)
CBFCA (Customs Brokers & Forwarders Australia)
FIATA (FIATA member)
GAA (Global Affinity Alliance member)
IATA (IATA member)
Lognet (Lognet member)
TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Assocation)
WCA-AP (WCA Advanced Professionals member)
WCA-CG (WCA China Global member)
WCA-DG (WCA Dangerous Goods member)
WCA-First (WCA First member)
WCA-IG (WCA Inter Global member)
WCA-Perish (WCA Perishables member)
WCA-Pharma (WCA Pharma member)
WCA-Relo (WCA Relocations member)
WCA-TC (WCA Time Critical member)
WCA-Vendors (WCA Vendor member)
WCAPN (WCA Projects member)

Welcome to FreightFolio!

If you have any issues please contact us via the contact page in the menu.